State-of- the-art technology for high quality film and laminate production for KoroCover, KoroTape and KoroLoop branded backsheets and closure systems.

BLOWN 300X300 PXL Copy

Films are extruded through a circular die and immediately inflated by air to obtain the best balance between MD and CD mechanical properties. For breathable films, a machine direction stretching unit provides the required film breathability.


A state-of-the-art central drum flexographic printing press represents the best solution to print up to 10 colors. In-line printing controls grant precise execution of the design created by our customers. Inks complying with hygiene standards have been in use for years to protect the environment and to avoid solvent retention in printed products.

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Hot melt adhesive lamination provides the flexibility to combine specific nonwovens typology with our film products. It is possible to easily alter films or nonwovens to manufacture tailor-made laminates according to customer requests. Our lamination equipment grants the required bonding between the two layers, while preserving the original softness of the nonwoven fibres at the same time.

We design our own manufacturing processes

Our Research and Development & Production teams design and develop not only our products, but also our manufacturing processes. To meet the market's need for innovation, we continuously invest in the development of new manufacturing processes, new machines and novel technologies.

We are thus able to leverage unique and efficient production systems across all our plants.