Take a look at our KoroCover range

Looking for solutions to make your baby care, feminine care and adult incontinence products more sustainable?

Korozo Hygiene Components offers a variety of backsheet solutions. While Breathable PE and TBS offers customizable breathability, non-breathable PE and TBS provide excellent machinability and gentle touch. Korozo’s breathable & non-breathable backsheet solutions can be customized for your product specifications with different width and weight options.

Korozo’s most recent solutions in KoroCover range are sustainable based bamboo and cotton bearing textile backsheets, and breathable and special thinner non-breathable PE backsheet for feminine care products. Backsheet films with minimum 50% bio-based content for film materials and backsheets with minimum 40% recycled content offer high performance solutions with reduced carbon footprint.

As consumers look more and more for products that are affordable, sustainable, bio-based, Korozo Hygiene Components strives to develop these products in a cost-effective way while making the most efficient use of natural resources.